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Swerve's Medicinal Coffee

Swerve likes medicine and coffee.

This is his page to vent and post random ephemera. He also posts songs he likes and info about them. This is not your daughter's tumblr.

Apr 21 '14

Bored. Gonna research Health Care in the world

Time to gather data, facts, and evidence and see what systems I like for myself. Been a while since I’ve posted. Welcome back me. 

Feb 6 '14

Epiphany, Metanoia, Praxis

I read a chapter in a book titled “To Repair the World” that focused on these three words exclusively. They are important words. Let’s provide brief definitions of each one: 

Epiphany: An experience of sudden or striking insight.

Metanoia: to change one’s way of life resulting from penitence, or having done something wrong. Typically comes right after the epiphany. 

Praxis: to practice, as distinguished from theory. 

I’ll keep this post simple. If you want to improve your life and if you want to positively change this world, then these are the three words you need to know and internalize. 

Here’s how you can remind your mind to get on the right track and stay there. 

Starting with epiphany, I typically wait for an epiphany to come to me. We all do to some extent. The philosophical problem is that our brains don’t typically look for an epiphany consciously, so the problem is knowing what is an epiphany or what isn’t. 

For me, an epiphany came when I read a book on charity work and self improvement. I also had an epiphany when I went to a conference that featured a ton of university students from around the world sharing their entrepreneurial ideas and successes. I wanted that. I truly felt this inspired idea in my head that I could change the world. Now I wanted to do something about it. 

Now the tough part, once we have our epiphanies, we need to build a solid plan in place to enact our ideas and inspirational goals. This is where metanoia comes in. To me, metanoia is basically acknowledgment or acceptance, and moving forward regardless of how far or how close your goal is. Put is this way, if you played a game of tennis, and you hit a bad shot, you might tell yourself and convince that was a bad shot. Conversely, if you hit a great shot, you tell yourself that you hit a great shot, and you are convinced of this consciously. You need to convince yourself that regardless of the shot you took, it was a shot. Neither good nor bad. 

I struggle with this too, but I want you to do the following. Convince yourself that any step you take will lead you to success, and any decision you make is purely a decision that you made—it was neither good nor bad. It was a decision. 

So if this makes no sense, check this out. If you wanted to lose weight. Recognize yourself that you will always be striving to become your best self for the rest of your life. Even if you set a goal, there is always another one to be set afterwards, so I look at goals from a different perspective. 

To lose weight, instead convince yourself that you will become the healthiest embodiment of yourself every single day. Recognize that every single decision you make is yours, with your own brain. Let your body subconsciously make the right decision because it will. Your “loud” and “cluttered” mind will try to do the following: convince you to do easy things like rest, sleep in, distract with simple tasks, and avoid real work. Your brain wants to conserve energy. From a biological perspective, there is no essential need for you to go out and starve, struggle, and fight. But, you are capable of these things. 

Once you have accepted in your mind what you need to do, develop a philosophy and keep it simple. Then praxis comes in. Practice on working on yourself every day.

So what does one do? 

For starters, your brain is being distracted by technology. It’s being rewired. And you are avoiding real work because of it. Quit cold turkey and eventually learn to use it positively. Get off the internet, and do nothing but read, practice, edit your philosophy, practice some more, volunteer, and continue to better yourself. This is a largely unedited post, but I just wanted to write something down. That’s why I didn’t tag it. 

Jan 24 '14

Every morning

Trees are frosted outside. 

Yeah, that’s not deep at all. 

Dec 9 '13

I am a Seahawks fan and I live in WA state. Today, I went to breakfast at a local bar/restaurant that has a lot of television screens that show all the football games. Most of the tables were occupied, so my father and I sat at a six person table with only one man at the corner of the table by himself. He was watching the only tv with the Bills-Buccaneers game on, and he had a Bills jersey on. He quietly ordered his food, and watched as he saw his losing record Bills team get absolutely wrecked by a Tampa Bay team, also with a losing record. No generic sport fan would give two shit’s about that game. 

Later, I wore my Seahawks jersey, and I watched my team lose. I felt okay afterwards because the team is doing fine. The Seahawks are having one of their best seasons ever as far as we know, and they are already going to make the playoffs.

They lose to the 49ers, and people on my facebook news feed that hate the Seahawks and their fanbase apparently acknowledged the fact that “the royal we” were quiet after the loss. 

I don’t feel compelled to justify how my team performs on social media. I instead just think of that Bills fan at the corner of the table. There is no way I could explain why that guy is a Bills fan in the state of Washington, but he supported his team. The dude enjoyed seeing his team play. It was his Sunday catharsis for whatever he was going through in his weekly life. 

Sep 22 '13


Crate Diggers with Evidence + Story behind Kanye’s Last Call

Sep 21 '13
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Sep 8 '13

East Rosebud River, Montana. July 2011.


East Rosebud River, Montana. July 2011.

Sep 7 '13
Aug 29 '13
This is from /r/breakingbad. Cooking with Jesse and Walter

This is from /r/breakingbad. Cooking with Jesse and Walter

Aug 28 '13
The college dropout and late registration. Take your pick.

The college dropout and late registration. Take your pick.